Catch a glimpse of our Yoga, PiIates, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba and Dancercise classes, available each week!

Zumba with Kara: Dua Lipa

Dancercise with Tania: Suit & Tie

Dancercise with Tania: Live Bachata

Dancercise with Tania: Cha Cha

Dancercise with Tania: 2nd song

Pilates with Tania: Wall Sit

Dancercise with Tania: Stretching

Pilates with Tania: Abs/Hip Flexors

Pilates with Tania: Discs #2

Pilates with Tania: Discs #3

Zumba with Kara: Warm-Up Song

Pilates with Tania: Discs

Pilates with Tania: Legs

Zumba with Kara: Lizzo

Zumba with Kara: 2nd song

Pilates with Tania: Balance Exercise

Watch previous live classes on YouTube: April 25, May 2, May 9. For a shorter workout, check out the videos below. 

Pilates with Tania: Planks

Zumba with Kara: No Money

Dancercise with Tania: Cool Down Song

Zumba with Kara: Cut to the Feeling

Pilates with Tania: Ball Workout

Pilates with Tania: Weights

Zumba with Kara: Cool Down

Pilates with Tania: 100s Ab Exercise

Zumba with Kara: High Hopes

Dancercise with Tania: Meghan Trainor

Zumba with Kara: I'm Not Alright

Zumba with Kara: This Feeling

Pilates with Tania: Legs with Ball

Zumba with Kara: Boom Boom Pow

Zumba with Kara: New Rules

Pilates with Tania: Hinge Press

As we follow the news on the current pandemic and in keeping all our staff and client’s well being as our top priority, we have come to the difficult decision to postpone all group fitness classes, workshops and Martial Arts classes until further notice. Workshops and fitness classes will resume when it is safe to do so.

For everyone’s safety we are in the process of changing all our faucets, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers into motion detecting ones in order to help keep you safe. We are also implementing new sanitizing practices for all our equipment.

If you need to put your fitness pass on hold please contact Tania to do so. Please pass along this information to anyone who you think does not have access to Facebook or internet. Thank you. I hope you all stay safe and look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Dancercise with Tania: Cool Down


Dancercise with Tania: Samba/Salsa

Zumba with Kara: Dance Monkey

Pilates with Tania: Ball Session

Pilates with Tania: Back Extensions w/Ball

Dancercise with Tania: Mr. Blue Sky

Fitness Classes — Summer 2019 

Zumba with Kara: Uptown Funk

Dancercise with Tania: Seniorita

Pilates with Tania: Side Bicycle

Dancercise with Tania: Warm-Up Song

​​Special Announcement: Join us this Saturday, July 11 for an outdoor Dancercise class in front of the studio at 10 a.m. Spaces are limited to 10 people, so you need to reserve your spot in advance by contacting We'll have spots marked to ensure proper social distance. Masks aren't mandatory outside, but you must wear one to use the washroom inside the building. 

We will still be streaming on Zoom as well. Go to and enter the Meeting ID (871 7724 2345) and password (3TebCF), or visit this link